The work of a specialist is highly valued when his particular line is under investigation.

This work is the product of many years of careful study by a specialist on the history, methods and doctrines of Seventh Day Adventists. For twenty-eight years I was intimately associated with that people, as member, minister, writer and author and aided much in building up that work. I joined them only fourteen years from their beginning, hence became well acquainted with all its founders, their early theories, and have all their first books published during the first forty years. Am perfectly familiar with every argument they use and the answer to it. I know their inside history and weak points as others could not. It is a complete text book on that subject. Here is what competent judges say who have read and used it :

  • “On some subjects there is one book that stands so far above all other books on the same subject that if a person has that one book he needs no other on that subject. Canrights Seventh-Day Adventism Renounced is just such a book. It is a complete and perfect exposure of that delusion from beginning to end. Adventists have attempted no reply to it for the simple reason that they cannot, so they are trying to throw doubt on his character and standing, but that also is a hopeless task. If you are troubled with Adventism, get this book. Read it; study it; lend it ; confront them with it ; insist on them meeting it, and you will have no more trouble with them.”

–Southland Evangelist, Hartworth, Texas.

  • “It is the best book I have ever seen on the subject, after a study of it for twenty years.”

–Rev. Wm. Armstrong, Canton, Pa., Genessee Conf. of M. E. Church.

  • “It is a very full discussion of the question on which Adventists differ from us.”

–Baptist Christian Herald, Detroit, Michigan.

  • “It is a thorough exposure of this, modern delusion. How any system of error can survive such an exposure will be a mystery. This book ought to be circulated in every community where Adventism is preached.”

–Christian Oracle (Disciple) Des Moines, Iowa.

  • “I am delighted with it. It is kind, candid, careful, correct and comprehensive. I heartily commend the work as the best that has yet been published on that subject.”

–Prof. D. R. Dungan, President of Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

  • “He exposes with unsparing logic, but never with malice, the errors of Seventh-Day Adventism. This book is eminently fitted to do good.”

–Rev. Kendall Brooks, D. D., ex- President of Kalamazoo College, Michigan.

  • “I did not know that it was possible to give so perfect an answer to t the letter of Adventism I have always felt that its spirit was contrary to the Gospel. Your exposure is doubtless the ablest and most comprehensive in existence.”

–Rev. Theodore Nelson, LL. D., late president of Kalamazoo Baptist College.

  • “I pronounce it simply overwhelming.”

–Rev. B. F. Whittemore, Principal of Lester Seminary, Holden, Missouri.

  • “Your work is a book we have long needed, and now should be in the hands of every Christian.”

–Rev. J. Cairns, Colfax College, Wash.

  • “It is a grand book.”

–M. McLellan, Melbourne, Australia.

  • “No other book has fallen into our hands that is so well adapted to meet the sophistry and statements of Seventh-Day Adventists as this.”

–Central Free Will Baptists, Farmington, West Virginia.

  • “The most effective work that has yet been published.”

–Missionary Visitor.

  • “It would be a good plan to place a copy of it in every circulating library in the land.”

–Methodist Michigan Christian Advocate, Detroit.

  • “A strong and vigorous book on Seventh-Dayism. The best thing published upon this subject.”

–Chicago Standard, Baptist.

  • “An interesting and valuable book.”

–Central Baptist.

  • “There is no other book in the market that can possibly fill its place.”

–California Christian Advocate, Methodist.

  • “It is complete and unanswerable.”

–Northern Christian Advocate.

  • A very valuable book that ex poses in a sharp and effective way the pretensions of modern Adventism.”

–Arkansas Baptist.

  • “A stalwart book which gives no uncertain sound. This is the first book which we have seen that ably and justly exposes to the world the true inwardness of the Seventh-Day Advent delusion.”

–Rev. G. J.Travis, Ph. D., Baptist.

  • “It is by far the most complete and satisfactory treatment of the subject that I have seen.”

–Rev. J. Sunderland, Baptist Cor. Sec. and Supt. of Missions, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • “The work is a trenchant and conclusive expose and refutation of the doctrine in question.”

–Rev. John W. Haley, M. A., author of “Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible “and other works.

  • “A most crushing refutation of their sophistries.”

–The Christian Pioneer, Australia.

  • “A complete antidote to the fallacies of our Seventh-Day friends.”

–Christian Colonist, Australia.

  • President s Office, Little Rock University, Arkansas: “Adventism Renounced is a most timely work, eminently fitted to combat the fallacies at which it aims.”

–Prof. W. F. Shedd.

  • “Adventism Renounced is like Webster s Dictionary or the sunshine, it needs no praise. No candid man can read the book and be an Adventist. Every preacher should have a copy.”

–J. V. Coombs, President of Indiana College, Covington, Indiana.

  • “The book certainly surpasses in clearness, strength and adaptability to do the best work of any book which has ever appeared from the press on the Sabbath question and against Seventh-Day Adventists.”

–Texas Baptist and Herald.

  • “It is certainly an excellent book, pronounced very unanimously as the ablest treatise on the subject, and would do good service in the hands of pastors.”

–Pacific Baptist, Portland, Oregon.

  • “It is the standard on Seventh Day Adventism and no one who sends for it will be disappointed. We recommend it as simply and un deniably the best work on the question, as it deals with its errors from the experimental standpoint.”

–The Standard, Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • “For an exhaustive discussion of the questions relating to the Seventh- Day and the first day, see Seventh- Day Adventism Renounced, by Rev. D. M. Canright.”

–David C. Cook Pub. Co., Chicago, in the New Adult Bible Class, April, 1912.

  • “What books would you recommend to meet the advocates of S. D. Adventism? “Ans. “We would recommend you to read Seventh- Day Adventists Renounced, by Eld. Canright.”

–The Christian Workers Magazine, Oct., 1912, published by the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago.

No better recommend could be given.

I close with three testimonies of men who were, like myself, long years in Adventism, but are now free in Christ:

  • “Your grand book is received. I do not think I ever appreciated a book any more than I do this one, it is so complete and unanswerable.”

–Prof. C. C. Ramsey, nine years Professor in their colleges, and now in Harvard University.

  • “I heartily commend Elder Canright’s book as a faithful statement of the belief and practice of Seventh- Day Adventists, and the spirit and tendency of the system. Adventists ran never meet these arguments.”

–Rev. D. B. Oviatt, seven years President of the Pennsylvania Conf. of S. D. Adventists.

  • “We were Seventh-Day Adventists for more than twenty years, believing the doctrine firmly. Were familiarly acquainted with Elder White and wife and the inside history of that people. We found it a yoke of bondage and obtained freedom and the blessing of God in renouncing it and uniting with the Methodists. We heartily endorse Elder Canright’s book as correctly representing that people and their faith. It is an unanswerable refutation of that system.”

–Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Russell, Otsego, Michigan.

I have selected only a few quotations from scores more like these, and have given only a few words from each of these, showing how this book is valued by good judges.

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