Religious Hardtalk on Television Jamaica airs Part 1 of interview, setting SDA Church into a frenzy.


On April 16 Television Jamaica aired the first episode of Religious Hardtalk where the host Ian Boyne interviewed Dr. Andrae Hill.  The topics thoroughly discussed and addressed were presented from the physical books and writings of the institution’s prophet E.G. White and other official Seventh-Day Adventist sources.

Dr. Hill’s presentation albeit not new–the case against this “prophet” has been kept in the institution’s vaults or merely left unaddressed–have been enough to set members of the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Jamaica in a frenzy according to one source.  The points he successfully makes, shows that the venerated teachings and claims of E.G. White cannot be supported with facts.  Dr. Hill presents his case from E.G. White’s own writings.  What the viewer will see is that the prophet’s writings, which she consistently insisted were not her own views but given to her from God, are contradicted by the Institution’s own medical and educational experts, church leaders and publications and even Mrs. White HERSELF!

I have requested permission to repost the entire set of broadcasts here, but until then you can watch the entire broadcast on Television Jamaica’s own website here.  I ask you all to please pray for Dr. Hill and his entire family.  May it please our Lord to strengthen him in The Faith and protect him from those who oppose his presentation that shines light on the deception and the ultimate delivery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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