John Macarthur’s sermon on “Understanding the Sabbath”


Pastor and Teacher John Macarthur of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California and host of “Grace to You” unpacks the Scriptures faithfully every Lord’s Day.  In this Sunday evening sermon, Pastor Macarthur presents what Scripture clearly says concerning the role the Jewish Sabbath plays in the lives of God’s people.  Using both the New and Old Testaments, John delivers God’s truth on the matter that cannot be made any more plain.

Understanding the Sabbath (Genesis 2:1-3)

The transcript of Pastor Macarthur’s sermon is available for reading and download (here).

This video and link I first found on the Former Adventists Fellowship website.  The FAF website is an excellent hub and starting place for former Adventists and questioning Adventists to find resources about the truth on Seventh-Day Adventism and how it compares to the message of Jesus’ Gospel and finished work of Salvation.

I encourage you to stop by.